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A Comment on Social Media and the Formation of Organizational Reputation: How Social Media is Increasing Cohesion between Organizational Reputation and Traditional Media for Stakeholders. Academy of Management Review, forthcoming (with Blevins, D.)


The Signaling Effects of Extraordinary pre-IPO Activity on the Evolution of Entrepreneurial Firms. Long Range Planning, forthcoming (with Blevins, D., & Shafizadeh, K.)


How the JOBS Act is Reshaping IPOs: Implications for Entrepreneurial Firms. Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 31(2): 109-123  (with Blevins, D., & Reuer, J.)


Real Options in Strategy and Finance. Current Gaps and Future Linkages. 2016.

Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 30(4): 428-440 (with Reuer, J. & Trigeorgis, L.)


Venture-Backed Firms: How Does Venture Capital Involvement Affect Their Likelihood of Going Public or Being Acquired? 2016.

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Vol. 40(5): 991-1016 (with Blevins, D.)


Who Gets First Dibs? A Buy-Side Investigation of the Dual Tracking Phenomenon in M&A. 2016.

Long Range Planning, Vol. 49(2): 207-220


Institutional Changes within the European Union: How Global Cities and Regional Integration Affect MNE Entry Decisions. 2016.

Journal of World Business, Vol. 51(2): 319-330 (with Blevins, D., Moschieri, C., & Pinkham, B.)


Does Regional Integration Change the Effects of Country-Level Institutional Barriers on M&A? The Case of the European Union. 2014.

Management International Review, Vol. 54(6): 853-877 (with Moschieri, C., & Campa, J.)


Signals and International Alliance Formation: The Roles of Affiliations and International Activities. 2014.

Journal of International Business Studies, Vol.45(3): 321-337 (with Reuer, J.)


When Theory Doesn't Meet Practice: Do Firms Really Stage Their Investments? 2014.

Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 28(1): 22-37 (with Moschieri, C.)


Insights of Signaling Theory for Acquisitions Research. 2013.

Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions, Vol. 12: 173-191 (with Reuer, J., & Wu, C-W.)


The Choice between Joint Ventures and Acquisitions: Insights from Signaling Theory. 2012.

Organization Science, Vol. 23(4): 1175-1190 (with Reuer, J.)


Geographic distance and corporate acquisitions: signals from IPO firms. 2011.

Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 32(8): 876-894 (with Reuer, J.) and Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2011


The Opportunities and Challenges of Entrepreneurial Acquisitions. 2010.

European Management Review, Vol. 7(2): 80-90 (with Reuer, J.)


The Effects of Geographic Distance on the Foreign Acquisition Activity of U.S. Firms. 2009.

Management International Review, Vol. 49(4): 509-535


Contingent Earnouts in Acquisitions of Privately-Held Targets. 2009.

Journal of Management, Vol. 35(4): 857-879 (with Reuer, J.)


Adverse Selection and M&A Design: The Roles of Alliances and IPOs. 2008.

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 66(2): 195-212 (with Reuer, J.)


Alliance Dynamics for Entrepreneurial Firms. 2008.

Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 45(1): 147-168 (with Ariño, A, & Reuer, J.)


Initial Public Offerings and the Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Firms. 2007.

Strategic Organization, Vol. 5(2): 155-176 (with Reuer, J.)


Mind the Information Gap: Putting New Selection Criteria and Deal Structures to Work in M&A. 2007.

Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol. 19(3): 82-89 (with Reuer, J.)


Agency Hazards and Alliance Portfolios. 2006.

Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 27(1): 27-43 (with Reuer, J.)


Firm Valuation Effects of High-Tech M&A: A Comparison of New Ventures and Established Acquirers. 2006.

Journal of High Technology Management Research, Vol. 17(1): 85-96


Mitigating Risk in International Mergers and Acquisitions: The Role of Contingent Payouts. 2004.

Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 35(1): 19-32 (with Reuer, J., & Shenkar, O.)


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