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Coursework and Other Activities

During his teaching career, Roberto has taught Entrepreneurship, Strategy and International Management at all levels from the undergraduate to the doctoral. His teaching philosophy holds two overarching objectives. First, he wants to expose the students to the state-of-the-art theory, in order to allow them to understand the cause-and-effect links that explain business phenomena. Second, he wants his students to be exposed to a host of applied, hands-on applications of the subject matter. To this end, Roberto makes extensive use of case studies and readings, such as the ones available through the Harvard Business School, IVEY, INSEAD, etc. He uses these materials to engage students and get them to think about how the theoretical knowledge they have acquired maps on real managerial applications in business. In order to push students to be critical thinkers on these issues, Roberto stresses the importance of participation as an important determinant of their final grade. He typically sets his classes up as discussions in which everyone is encouraged to speak and add value. Furthermore, he uses other learning vehicles such as in-class exercises, presentations and role play to improve on the quality of the students’ experience. Ultimately, he finds that it is of crucial importance to strike a good balance between theory and practice, particularly in MBA and executive-level classes. Ultimately, Roberto considers his job successful if he manages to get the students to appreciate the merits and drawbacks of the various ways in which the issues related to the subject matter can be tackled, and hopefully spark their intellectual curiosity enough to cause them to dig deeper into these issues.


Roberto has also had several non-traditional teaching engagements. For example, he was the accompanying faculty member to the foreign trip taken by the cohort MBA class at the University of Texas for three consecutive years. This trip involved lectures and presentations preceding the travel and then attendance to several business meetings on site with local companies as well as multinationals. These trips took Roberto and his classes to Spain and the Czech Republic.


As a faculty advisor, Roberto has been on the doctoral dissertation committee of several students. In addition, he has taught doctoral seminars in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. On the whole, Roberto has been exposed to a broad range of teaching experiences at several universities across the world, obtaining highly satisfactory results in all cases.


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